Excessive masturbation-
• makes one feel tired all the time. This tiredness will lead to decrease in the immunity against infection.
• damage the sexual organ system and can lead to impotence.
• can lead to premature ejaculation (early discharge).
• makes one feel sexually unsatisfied.
• makes one more aggressive, hyper, loses temper easily, and gets easily annoyed.
• causes depression, anxiety, drowsiness, memory loss.
• causes neurological disorders in older men.
• causes hair loss. If a person engages in masturbation 6-7 times a week, hair loss will be there.
• decreases the testosterone levels thus affects sexual life.
• results in decreased sexual sensitivity. A person into this process in excess experience decreased sexual
sensation while getting sexually active.
• causes pain in pelvic and groin region.
• leads to urine infection. It leads to inability to control urine.
• causes sperm leakage in males, vaginal infections and discharge.

Masturbation in limit is not harmful for any gender. Excessive masturbation slows down the stamina and energy in the body thus resulting in fatigue and tiredness. It also leads to premature ejaculation as excess discharge during masturbation affects the functioning of penile and genital system. To know how much masturbation is good for health and how much is not good, one should consult a sexologist if in case one is suffering from the excessive practice of masturbation and its ill effects. To know more visit Dr. Raina’s SAFE HANDS the complete home for all sexual dysfunctions treatment. Dr. Vinod Raina is the medical director of SAFE HANDS. He has treated thousands of patients of this subject with satisfied success results.



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